Brook-Lin Nets: Trust The Process

Kenny Atkinson has said that the team has spent the majority of time on defense in training camp along with the practices, and he stated that they are set with about 80 percent of their defensive sets. Well, they certainly did not show it in the preseason, and they better turn it up a lot in the regular season to be competitive. For sure, we will see new wrinkles we have not seen yet, and the intensity will be a lot higher. Atkinson said that the offense may lag behind, but the offense looks ahead of the defense at this time.

The Brooklyn Nets are a rebuilding team at this time, and the fans will require patience as it is likely that this season will be a struggle. There is a long-term goal, and we have to give Atkinson and the players time to figure it out. With Lin leading the way, I’ll take my chances.

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