Trade Grades: Brooklyn Nets move Jeremy Lin to Atlanta Hawks

This is the part that should hurt for Nets fans everywhere though, Jeremy Lin is going to the Atlanta Hawks. Even though injuries prevented him from reaching his full potential in Brooklyn, his impact on the locker room and the community itself cannot be understated. Lin will be missed dearly. This move especially hurts because he was seemingly just about to get healthy and finally contribute meaningfully to the team for the first time since he signed with the Brooklyn Nets.

Nuggets: B-

Who they got: Isaiah Whitehead

Who they sent: Kenneth Faried and Darrell Arthur, a 2019 protected first-round pick and a 2020 second-round pick,

This was a good move for the Nuggets. As I’ve mentioned, getting the salaries of both Faried and Arthur off the book was a huge win for the Nuggets’ front office. And although giving up a first round pick hurts, they don’t project to even have room for another rookie next year. Plus, there’s a 95% chance this second-round pick doesn’t come back to bite them in a significant way.

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