Timofey Mozgov’s Role With Brooklyn Nets Will Only Keep Shrinking

The sample size is small, but Mozgov has made three of his 15 attempts from downtown; Zeller is 3-of-7. Although he does not attempt many, Zeller has shown more confidence in putting the ball on the deck and attacking the rim when the defender closes out on him too hard. He gets an easy bucket. Mozgov cannot do that.

An Even Greater Diminishing Role

As the year goes on, Mozgov is going to fall further down the depth chart. It is entirely possible he goes 10 or 11 games without seeing any action because he will only be useful in certain situations. If one of the Nets’ opponents has a lumbering big man who is similar to Andre Drummond’s size, Brooklyn can use Mozgov’s body for rebounding and defensive purposes. But, those guys are dying out. He is too slow to stay in front of the smaller, quicker bigs who populate the landscape.