Spencer Dinwiddie Mid-Season Performance Report

Spencer Dinwiddie is the latest NBA success story. And his book is far from its ending.

In his second year with the Brooklyn Nets, Spencer Dinwiddie the former Colorado standout has made significant improvements across the board, rising from a player whose future in the league was bleak to becoming a more-than-reliable starting point guard for a rebuilding franchise.

The Break Through Season:

Heading into the Nets game against the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday, Dinwiddie has suited up for 43 games and started in 33 of them. He rocketed up the depth chart after the injury to D’Angelo Russell, and he’s more than deserving of the increased role given to him. Dinwiddie’s averaging 28.1 minutes a night this year, up considerably from his 22.6 last year. In that time, he’s putting up career-highs in the following categories:

  • Points Per Game – 13.2 (up from 7.3)
  • Assists Per Game – 6.4 (up from 3.1)
  • Rebounds Per Game – 3.3 (up from 2.8)
  • PER – 17.2 (up from 12.7)


Dinwiddie’s most enchanting attribute is his composure as a floor general. His ability to command the offense is old-school. Unlike a lot of his contemporaries, Dinwiddie isn’t a score-first point guard even though he’s got the skill set to be one. The assists come as a product of Brooklyn’s offense, wherein Kenny Atkinson doesn’t restrict his guards. He has total confidence in them, which allows a more free-flowing approach if things get stagnant.

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