Sindarius Thornwell Could Be An Instant Contributor for the Brooklyn Nets

Sindarius Thornwell does not have a remarkable amount of upside. The senior will be 23 years old when he plays his first NBA game, and his lack of explosive athleticism puts a hard cap on his ceiling. On the other hand, he also has a very high floor; he has solidified his once-shaky jump shot, and his high effort level and basketball IQ makes it hard to believe that he will not be at least a decent end of the bench option for any NBA team.

The Ugly Duckling Has Become a Swan

It would be an understatement to say that Sindarius Thornwell was inconsistent during his first three years at South Carolina. Thornwell never even cracked 40% shooting from the floor, but even within that sample his accuracy varied dramatically. Thornwell shot 100 or more three-pointers during all four of his seasons as a Gamecock. However, he shot 37% from deep as a freshman—and just 26.8% the following year.

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