Reasons to be excited for Jeremy Lin

Reasons to be excited for Jeremy Lin

First and foremost, I would like to say I’m over the moon that Jeremy Lin signed with the Brooklyn Nets during free agency. It has been a pretty tough 4 years for Jeremy Lin since Linsanity occurred. He said in an interview during the Nets media day “those 4 years have been very good learning experiences”, but ultimately we haven’t seen the best of Lin and what he is capable of due to the situation and circumstances he found himself in.

Great opportunity

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Signing with the Brooklyn Nets has given Lin a great opportunity to express himself and will allow him to see how good he can be. Over the course of the last 4 years Lin hasn’t been in the ideal situation for various reasons. This is down to his coaches lack of believe in him and also when he was a Laker his team were busy tanking for that high draft pick. The majority would agree that it’s extremely tough to succeed if you don’t have the coaches believe. I have to exclude the Charlotte Hornets out of this equation because they are a classy team with a good coach in Steve Clifford who treated Lin with great respect and allowed Lin to rebuild his reputation and market value which has lead him to signing with the Nets.