Player Profile: Caris LeVert – The Rookie

Though LeVert doesn’t really have any glaring weaknesses in his game, he also has no truly elite NBA skills yet. His thin frame leaves him prone to being overpowered by stronger forwards. He should also work on his mid-range game and his ability to shoot off the dribble. Finally, he is not a very explosive player, which often prevents him from finishing in traffic. However, the only major concern with LeVert is that he needs to stay healthy in order to fulfill his potential.

Considering the glut of guards on this Nets roster, it seems likely that LeVert will start off his NBA career as a small forward. If it does work out like that, he might struggle to contain some of the more physical forwards at first. Of course, this is true for pretty much every rookie in this league. As he matures, his lack of strength will stop being an issue.

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