Player Profile: Anthony Bennett – The Question Mark

It’s fair to say that no number one overall pick in recent history has drawn more negative press than Anthony Bennett. He has been in the NBA for three years now, and we’re still no closer to deciphering the mystery surrounding his game. During his one-season stints with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Minnesota Timberwolves and Toronto Raptors, he has shown very little potential that got him into the league. The fact that all it took for the Nets to secure his services was a two-year minimum deal says a lot.

However, there are still enough reasons to believe in Bennett’s revival. The majority of his issues are of a mental variety, and a player with such a mindset can explode at any time. Besides, the Nets have some experience with players who were once believed to have no place in the NBA – after all, they just signed Jeremy Lin, who’s been on as many different team as Bennett.