Brooklyn Nets vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Notes and Observations: 10-25-17

No Jeremy Lin? No D’Angelo Russell? No struggling, and no tussle. Without their opening day starting backcourt, the Brooklyn Nets still rattled off a completely routine and totally unsurprising 112-107 home victory over the defending Eastern Conference champions Cleveland Cavaliers. Yes, the Cavs and Nets are now tied at 3-2 in overall standings. The Nets withstood a very frustrated LeBron James and his 29/10/13 on 20 shots statline. Brooklyn is all-powerful now. Or at least until Friday.

Giddy For Dinwiddie

The Nets really only had one player available in the game who could dribble consistently without stumbling into the Hudson. So, thank Christopher Wallace that one player had decided to have the game of his life. This player, Spencer Dinwiddie, scored a career-high 22 points on 7-of-13 shooting from the field to make the most of his 20th career NBA start. Dinwiddie would eventually cap the hallmark performance with two massive threes in the closing stretch of the game to parry a Cleveland comeback.