The Brooklyn Nets Could Add Length And Touch With Anzejs Pasecniks

But if Pasecniks is drafted by the Nets, I’m hoping a nickname for him is bestowed upon him. AP? Anz the beat goes on? AnzPas? ANZ-Dynamite? We’ll see.

The Brooklyn Nets have shown their interest in adding European players either via draft or free agency. Anzejs Pasecniks is a late blooming prospect that has shown tremendous mobility and touch. While he has shown some deficiencies in his outside touch and defensive instincts, Pasecniks, ideally, would be a project that would grow with the Brooklyn Nets. If the Nets take a shot at Pasecniks, Kristaps Porzingis won’t be the only Latvian unicorn (sorry, I just had to use that) roaming the five boroughs.

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