NBA Draft: Troy Brown Jr. – Do-it-All Wing with a Fatal Flaw

But if he doesn’t, he’s going to be a difficult player for a coach to work with on offense.

NBA Outlook


  • ESPN/DraftExpress – 18th
  • The Ringer – 13th
  • DraftNet – 24th
  • Sports Illustrated – 18th
  • CBS Sports – 39th

Pro Comparisons

Brown reminds me of a more tame Lance Stephenson. Both players are big, athletic, and flashy wings who are truly weird players to try to build around. Furthermore, they can’t shoot but do everything else at an above-average level. The only difference is that Brown doesn’t come with nearly the off-court or on-court baggage which always follows Stephenson.

Obviously Stephenson is a useful player at the NBA level–he was a legitimate All-NBA candidate in 2013–but Stephenson can only get you so far.

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Fit with Nets

Brown low-key fits exceptionally well with both the Nets five-year plan and the system Kenny Atkinson has installed. He could boost their defense while giving them new dimensions offensively on the wing. More importantly, he has real potential to be a steal. If he develops a three-pointer and calms down with the ball offensively, he could be a fantastic player for someone.

Even if he stays at his current level, he impacts the game in enough ways that he can still provide real value to the Nets both in the present, and in the future.

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