What Is The NBA Draft Combine & Why You Should Care

Finally, NBA Draft Combine week arrived in the city of Chicago! Have you enjoyed the action? Or perhaps you are nerve-wracked for your favorite prospects? Oh? You are not familiar with the NBA Draft Combine. So you don’t know what to make of the events? No issue. I can easily free up my schedule to get you up to speed with the ins and outs of the event and why the Combine is such a tentpole in the annual draft process.

Starting with the basics, the NBA Draft Combine is an annual, May-scheduled, nearly week-long convention of NBA team executives and scouts scanning every nook and cranny of upcoming NBA draft hopefuls’ lives in order to help determine which prospects would best contribute to each team’s future championship glory. Those dozens of draft hopefuls run through a gauntlet of physical examinations, skill drills, scrimmages, and interviews to prove to each NBA team the hopeful deserves top priority in the NBA Draft that generally follows the combine in the following month of June.