NBA Draft: Bruce Brown – Troubling Regression

He got his teammates involved, he put pressure on the defense inside, and generally ran the show better than you’d expect. It’s also worth noting that when he went down with an injury in January, the offense basically devolved into an ineffective “Your turn, my turn” style system.

When you watch his tape, it’s not hard to see why the offense fell apart without him. Watch how he breaks down the defense with ease before dishing off at just the right moment to a wide open big for a dunk:

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Because of his scoring limitations, never going to be a viable option at point guard, but the playmaking he flashed was impressive.


Even though Brown showed serious potential in both of his years at Miami, it’s frustrating how little he improved. His per game numbers are nearly identical for both years in some areas, and troublingly worse in others–both his three-point stroke (26.7%), free-throw percentage (62.9%), and field goal percentage (41.5%) went down in his sophomore year. Brown will never be known as a shooter, but those numbers are unacceptable.