‘Linsanity’, Injuries and Jeremy Lin’s Future With Brooklyn Nets

“Linsanity” was a phenomenon unlike any New York City had seen. Where does Jeremy Lin fit into the Brooklyn Nets’ future as he fights to come back from injury?

Most revolutions start quietly. A signature here, a phone call there. For Jeremy Lin, It was a lay-up on a cold night in New Jersey of all places.

With three minutes and thirty-five seconds left in the first quarter, a man few in the basketball world were familiar with checked in at center court of Madison Square Garden. Waived by the Warriors in December (Mark Jackson, then in his first year as the Warriors head coach, would later admit he never watched Lin attempt so much as a lay-up), Lin was picked up by the Knicks two days after Christmas 2017. Lin had played sparingly to that point (just six minutes per contest). Expectations were low.