“Linsanity” Is Gone! Long Live Jeremy Lin

The time referred to as Linsanity is, and will always be, a beloved memory for Lin fans.

But it’s time to let the term go.

Why? Because it has become something of a negative tag on Lin. Writers toss the term out there while in the same breath put down Lin as nothing but a glorified backup point guard whose 15 minutes of fame are over. The implication is clear: During Linsanity the kid got lucky, he was a flash in the pan whose career since then has become an extended dose of harsh reality.

Linsanity has morphed from a term of adulation to something of an albatross that hangs around Lin’s neck. If he has a great night, “Linsanity” is sure to creep into the next day’s headlines.  By using that term, Lin’s big game is reduced to just a flashback to better days gone by.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The reality is the version of Lin Nets fans can expect to see is BETTER than he was during Linsanity. He’s a far more mature player who’s worked really hard on his D to the point where last year with Charlotte, if Lin was having a bad night on offense for the first three quarters, Coach Clifford would use him in the fourth quarter just for his defense! 

And yet the tired old national narrative is still out there: the kid can’t play D.

Not only is Lin far better on D, but he’s cut down on his turnovers and makes better decisions with the ball in his hand. He no longer leaves his feet without a clear idea of what he’s going to do, and his court vision is greater than ever. He’s more poised. He’s become a floor general directing his team like a good NFL quarterback. And in crunch time he always elevates his game. Count on it.

Example: against the Spurs on March 21 last season, just eleven seconds into the second quarter, the Hornets were trailing the elite team by 23 points, 30-7. It looked like it was going to be a long extended garbage time.

But Jeremy Lin doesn’t do garbage time.

Scoring 15 of his 29 points in the fourth quarter, Lin came off the bench to lead the Hornets to a stunning 91-88 victory. Lin shot 11-of-18 from the field and hit all four 3-point attempts, including three in the fourth quarter. Oh, and he also scored the go-ahead jumper with 48 seconds left.

Crunch time.

So what did the AP writer say about Lin? “Although perhaps not quite ‘Linsanity II,’ the 23-point lead was the largest surrendered by the Spurs in the Tim Duncan era, which began in 1997.

Linsanity. Linsanity II. When will it stop?

  • ra

    well done sir..

  • BnT

    great article!! Gives me a very optimistic outlook to Lin and the nets this coming season!

  • orLinaryjoe

    Well done by one of the biggest Lin fan out there!

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    Excellent article Nathan!
    Chakalala Boom!

  • Pete Roces

    Great article, a must read for all Net’s fans.

  • The article was a joy to read. Hopefully, someday the media can move past Linsanity and see Jeremy Lin as one of the best 2-way PGs in the league. That’s the way I see Jeremy Lin. By the end of next season, hopefully, more and more people will realize this.

  • feltball

    Can’t wait to be entertained by BL Nets !

  • Ray B

    Beautifully said. So refreshing when people actually know what they are talking about. Because ignorance is not a virtue. I mean its not cool to not know what you are talking about.

    • Matthew Adams

      So calling Harden a ball hog is NOT ignorance. Even though he leads all shooting guards in assists & was 6th in the entire league overall in assists per game. It’s funny how some Lin fans love to point fingers & do the false narratives when it comes to others. But if that was done to Lin, those same fans deem it unfair. Can’t have your cake & eat it too.

      Lin getting to be the guy is going to be fun to watch. Even though the talent level around him is at a bottom of the league level, Lin will still get a chance to do his thing unrestricted, no more excuses, no more bad coaches, no more coming off the bench. Do or die for Lin, I think he will prosper, even with little to no help.

      Lastly, besides media, it’s also time for the Lin fans to drop the Linsanity moniker, they drop it just as much or more than media does. With everything else, time to stop living in the past with nicknames & excuses. Live in the now, fans of Lin get what they want. Lin gets to be the starter & the guy for a NBA team. Embrace that & stop dwelling on things that do not matter anymore.

  • dd

    so wut’s the verdict, the thesis statement, the moral of the story? we adore “linsanity” because it’s still a thing or we abhor it because the media told us to?

  • The ONE

    I thought I was the only one that hated that word, “Linsanity” smh… BK fans will be in for a pleasant surprise… He has gotten a lot better since, “Linsanity”… A LOT better.

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    Awesome article, Nathan! 🙂 At the end of the year, we will be reading articles about the “Brook-lin Cinderella Story.” 🙂 <3

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    If this article is what we can expect from you on a regular basis, then this season is going to be ONE HELLUVA GREAT RIDE as we watch our boy shake and bake and swish and dish at night and read a professionally well constructed analysis the next day…keep up the great work and can’t wait for the season to begin.

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    awesome article !!!! Author really know Lin’s game

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    This is a great article and a definitely helpful introduction to JLin for prior Nets fans. I have one suggested change, imho: “And in crunch time he FURTHER elevates his game.”

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