Jordan Bell Could Have An Immediate Impact In Brooklyn

In regards to his offense, Bell’s lack of outside shooting should not be much of a factor if he plays alongside a big like Brook who is a capable three point shooter that stretches the floor in the motion offense.  Shooting is a part of the game that could be improved with repetition and practice, but what cannot be learned is the natural talent that Bell has as a defensive enforcer.

It was painfully evident to see how the Nets really did not have anyone at the four or the five who could finish strong with dunks with the exception of RHJ and Booker at times. It was rare to see an alley-oop or a lob for an easy basket all season long. The three point shot is an integral part of the motion offense but points in the paint are also a focus, in the half court or transition, and will be valuable in improving offensive efficiency.  Jordan Bell could provide this spark if drafted by the Nets with his athleticism and by playing better defense with improved rebounding, it will lead to more opportunities for easier baskets in transition.