Jeremy Lin Looks To Leave Injury Woes In The Past

The review of Jeremy Lin’s season isn’t a review as much as it’s a projection for 2018-19. In his second year with the Brooklyn Nets, Lin ruptured his patellar tendon after playing just 25 minutes against the Indiana Pacers on opening night. It was the only time he saw the court. For the last six months and counting, the 29-year-old has been rehabbing with the intent of changing how he uses his body on a physiological level.

A Lesson In Physiology

During an interview with the Associated Press in April, Lin explained how his changes wouldn’t be visible to the naked eye, “but it will be very different in terms of how I do it, where I move from and what muscles I’m using and what tendons and joints I’m not using.” In that, he confirms that his style will remain the same, and he won’t have to spend additional time trying to re-work himself into Kenny Atkinson’s system.