If Hamidou Diallo Stays In The Draft, The Brooklyn Nets Need To Take Him

Diallo would have an opportunity to grow and make mistakes in low-pressure situations for Brooklyn. He wouldn’t be forced onto the court and could develop behind LeVert and be mentored by Lin. In addition to that, he could work with Kenny Atkinson and the Nets coaching staff on fixing his jumper. Worst comes to worst, the Nets could assign him to the D-League (newly named Gatorade-League or G-League, but I refuse to call it that) where he can grow with the Long Island Nets and help sell tickets to their new arena.

Diallo Has A Chance To Connect With The Fanbase Unlike Anyone On The Roster

Basketball is important to New York and they take great pride in the crop of players that come out of the state every year. Hamidou Diallo is one of the few prospects that has an opportunity to become a superstar one day. If the Nets could somehow land a hometown prospect that could potentially blossom into an All-Star, then they need to go out and get them.

The fanbase was thrilled to get Coney Island’s own Isaiah Whitehead out of Seaton Hall in last year’s draft, just imagine their reaction to getting a former five-star prospect from Queens who would be a lock for the lottery in any other draft. Diallo has no red flags in his character and is known for being incredibly loyal. He attended Putnam Science Academy in Connecticut for two and a half years after spending his freshman and sophomore years at John Bowne High School in Queens.

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The Brooklyn Nets are in the middle of a rebuild, but they are only a few pieces away from making some real noise in the Eastern Conference. If they add the likes of Milos Teosdic and a reliable power forward or wing in free agency plus draft for need, they could be further ahead of schedule than most people realize.

While it looks like he could go back to school, don’t be surprised if he goes through the pre-draft process and has the feeling he could be a lock for the first round. If he does, he will most likely stay in the draft. Brooklyn has two late-first round selections, if he falls to them they need to take him with no questions asked.

The Nets could have an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of someone that is oozing potential like Diallo, someone that could become a long-lasting difference maker for a franchise. They need to take this chance every single time. Situations like this are extremely rare and could greatly accelerate the rebuild in Brooklyn.