Dante Cunningham Season Review: Journeyman with Old School Skillset

Dante Cunningham is a wing from a different time. He plays hard-nosed physical defense, crashes the boards, doesn’t shoot particularly well, and is one of the toughest players on the court at all times. A journey man noted for his copious team affiliations over his career, Cunningham sought a destination where he could stick. That resulted in his audition to end the season with the Brooklyn Nets with the hopes of gaining a stable home.

Let’s dive into assessing his performance and potential future the Nets. 



Cunningham isn’t making his money for his work offensively. Granted, he’s not incompetent on that end. He can hit a corner three occasionally–his three-point percentage even perked up in his Brooklyn stint–and is a decent cutter but asking him to do much more than that is a losing proposition. Thankfully, the Nets understand that.

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