D.J. Wilson Could Solve Brooklyn’s Big Man Issues

Wilson’s lack of size also shows on the glass, where he gets manhandled on the boards. He averaged just 5.3 rebounds per game in more than 30 minutes per game. While his lack of rebounding ability would be an issue for any team, that issue would be magnified on the Nets. Brook Lopez might be decent at boxing out to help his teammates get rebounds, but the Nets would get killed on the glass with both Lopez and D.J. Wilson on the court.

Overall: Plug and Play

D.J. Wilson’s growth in his lone starting season at Michigan indicates that he still has a lot of room to grow. Unlike most big man prospects, Wilson did not play down low until college. While that stunted his rebounding instincts and his ability to roam the paint on defense, it also allowed him to develop his varied offensive skill set and ability to defend on the perimeter.