Imagining where the Brooklyn Nets could be in 2021-22

While in the middle of the 2010’s it seemed that Brooklyn might be able to become a quintessential modern NBA team. Yet,  reality has fallen woefully short of expectations and Brooklyn’s run at the bottom of the NBA standings has even outlasted the Orlando Magic’s recent occupancy in that spot.

There’s even talk of relocation to cities like Mexico City and Louisville and Nets’ fans are disturbingly unopposed.  Notably, Orlando and Dallas moved to Seattle and Vancouver, respectively in 2020. 

Perchance Brooklyn avoid relocation and finally exit the seemingly-perpetual rebuild. But unless they completely clear house, it’s unlikely this franchise lasts until the 2030’s.

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Most Realistic Scenario: 44-38, 5th in the East

This is easily the least fun option prediction. Yet, on the spectrum from near title-contender owned by LeBron and Jay-Z, to apocalyptic team with imminent relocation plans, this is the most likely scenario.

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