Brooklyn Nets vs Washington Wizards Notes and Observations: 12-22-17

Dinwiddie has been a gem as the Nets’ makeshift primary ball-handler after Jeremy Lin and D’Angelo Russell’s injuries. He plays with the poise and patience of Hall-of-Famers, even if not quite skilled enough for the lofty future accolade.

Dinwiddie still has one of the best NBA player Twitter accounts in the league. Everyone should love Spencer… but the Nets should seriously consider shopping him to other teams before the trade deadline passes in February.

With Dinwiddie joining the Nets on a non-guaranteed deal last season, Brooklyn maintains control of his contract until after 2018-19. By then, the Nets will also importantly have the Bird rights to Dinwiddie’s contract. This would be unavailable to any team that decided to trade for Dinwiddie before then. However, Dinwiddie could seriously be in line for an eight-figure contract by then if his play at all keeps up.