Brooklyn Nets vs New York Knicks Notes & Observations: 3/12/17

For once, Atkinson’s lineups and minute distribution made sense. Three starters played 26-28 minutes, another played 20+, Randy Foye played 11 minutes, then the bench had four players that saw the floor for 24-27 minutes and one that saw the floor for 18 minutes. This was a 10-man lineup that let the best players play while also feeding the hot hands. Atkinson has pretty much removed the minutes restrictions on Lin and with that the bench can now be used properly, as opposed to being inserted into the lineup during inopportune times because Line had hit his minutes limit.

Things are finally starting to click for this team. They learned every lesson the hard way this season and while it resulted in an overwhelming amount of losses, these lessons will stick with this team and these players for years to come.

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