Brooklyn Nets vs New Orleans Pelicans Notes and Observations: 12-27-17

Blech! Just a poor outing for the Brooklyn Nets in New Orleans, even with the back-to-back caveat. A 128-113 defeat to the Pelicans that felt as competitive as an All-Star Game for over half the game. Brooklyn let Rajon Rondo’s velociraptor face toss 25 assists on them in 2017. Shameful. Let us hope the Friday game in Miami goes better with a day of rest.

Introducing Milton Doyle

Officially, the Nets welcomed two-way contract signee Milton Doyle to the league in a brief two-minute stint against the San Antonio Spurs. However, Doyle got more substantial time against New Orleans in 15 minutes of gameplay. He even received minutes in the first half. So, what does this former Loyola (Il.) Rambler have to potentially offer the Nets?