Brooklyn Nets vs Golden State Warriors 3-6-18 Notes and Observations

The lack of relatively reliable half-court shot makers and shot creators on the Brooklyn Nets necessitate early offense against scrambling defenses to make up the talent gap. The Brooklyn offense, however, shows hints of prioritizing such strategy only when D’Angelo Russell runs the offense. It is imperative Spencer Dinwiddie and Caris LeVert learn to recognize opportunities for quick offense as well. Patience is a virtue only so often.

Demure Dinwiddie

Spencer Dinwiddie had a much needed efficient night scoring 13 points on only 7 field goal attempts. However, Dinwiddie only putting up 7 field goal attempts has become a worrying trend. Since D’Angelo Russell returned to the starting lineup in mid-February, Dinwiddie has taken a noticeable backseat in the scoring load. The stepback of self-creation looks somewhat understandable when you see how cold Spencer has been.

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