Brooklyn Nets at Atlanta Hawks Notes and Observations 1-12-18

Brooklyn Nets at .Atlanta Hawks Score 1 12 18

Crunch Time Prowess:

The Nets are truly becoming veterans of crunchtime situations in January. In Atlanta, the Nets found themselves muddled in its fifth tightly contested game out of six January games. Fortunately, they closed this one out for a 110-105 victory over the Hawks to win the first leg of a road back-to-back. The Nets outscored the Hawks 16-6 in the final 2:20 of the game clock. Now, Brooklyn hopes to replicate that scoring efficiency the following night in the nation’s capital against a more potent Wizards squad.

Hoorah for Jah!

The Brooklyn Nets almost frustratingly bungled this victory in the second half when the hot outside shooting of the first half cooled mightily in the third quarter. The Nets shot 3 of 14 on all jumpshots in the third quarter and  an anemic 1 of 8 from beyond the arc in the frame. Brooklyn felt fated to die again by the sword it depends on for almost all battles.

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