The Brooklyn Nets Are ‘Sold’ On Rodions Kurucs And It Isn’t Hard To See Why

If Kurucs can pull all of this together, he could end up being an incredibly gifted and dangerous prospect. His versatility on offense will be his calling card, being able to hurt you from deep and slashing to the hoop. Chances are he is at least two years away from his NBA debut, but he will most likely have a nice role on FC Barcelona’s senior team come next season.

High Ceiling, Low Floor

Rodions Kurucs has a chance to make a gigantic impact at the next level one day, but a lot of his future success depends on how his weaknesses will translate to the NBA. It is tough to gauge a 19-year-old that has yet to scratch the surface of their true potential, but if Kurucs doesn’t address some of these things, he will suffer long-term.

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