Brooklyn Nets Should Focus on Bigs in NBA Draft, not Free Agency

True centers have become a dying breed in the NBA. Thanks to the Golden State Warriors under Head Coach Steve Kerr, small ball is taking over as a prominent force that can propel a team to success. The Brooklyn Nets have begun to adapt to this ever-changing NBA atmosphere, though they have yet to strike a balance between using small ball effectively and not becoming a liability on the glass as a consequence.

In an interview with Nets Magazine on YES Network, Sean Marks has emphasized upgrading at the 3 this offseason. However, Marks has also stated that he’ll be looking at everyone, and for good reason. After a 20-win season, the Nets could arguably use a boost at every position, and even in a small ball-dominant league, bigs should not be overlooked. We’re in for another roster shakeup, and it’d be a major disappointment if Brooklyn doesn’t bring in someone new to back Lopez up at the 5. No offense to Justin Hamilton.

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