Brooklyn Nets Roundtable Sessions: Awards Part 4, Defense

Does the above player have the potential to make the all defensive team? (now or in the future). 

Nick Agar-Johnson

Both Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Jarrett Allen have the potential to make an All-Defensive team in the near future, and Caris LeVert might have an outside shot as well. Allen looked to be way ahead of schedule on the defensive end this season; with another two or three years in an NBA strength and conditioning program, Allen should be a candidate for an All-Defensive team for many years.

Francis Adu

No, it is, in all likelihood, too late for DeMarre Carroll to reach elite heights again, despite his understated utility. If anyone can make the All-Defense team in the future from Brooklyn, it will be Jarrett Allen or Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. Both will need to make much needed gains in strength acquisition and reaction time. That said, both have a solid outline for making that path possible.

Noah Schulte

Yes. He surely needs to become a more disciplined defender on the perimeter and he could use help staying engaged. But, if he improves those skills he could easily be an All-Defense level player at some point. His chances may not be as great as someone like Jarrett Allen, but RHJ’s potential defensively is sky-high.

Tamberlyn Richardson:

I believer either of Hollis-Jefferson or Allen could end up on an All NBA Defensive team. It will require hard work and consistent improvement. Although we’ve yet to witness how much Allen will improve in a full offseason he’s shown the propensity to be a quick learner and demonstrated dedication via strong work ethic. Neither or those elements are question marks for Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. He remains one of the hardest workers dedicated to improving each and every year.  

Again, Nick and I are on the same page as Caris LeVert has the potential with his length to become a major pest for opponents. Think Jrue Holiday or Shaun Livingston as comparable examples. 

Noah Shatzer: 

Once Jarrett Allen bulks up and fills out that large frame, he’s going to be a defensive monster. Allen was 23rd in the league in total blocks this season. This, while only starting 31 games and seeing significantly less minutes than the players above him on the list. The rookie showcased great defensive instincts throughout the season. Allen has the potential to become one of the league’s best defensive bigs. 

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