Brooklyn Nets Roundtable Sessions: 2018 Draft, Part 3

Session 3, 2018 Draft Segment, Part 3 

Completing the Brook-Lin roundtable series on the draft the team dives into specifics. In this final segment of the draft roundtable we look at who Sean Marks should consider moving and/or packaging to land a lottery pick.

With the Cavaliers selecting eighth it fulfills the final obligation of the nightmare trade with the Celtics five seasons ago. Thus the handcuffs are finally off. 

As for the home team the Brooklyn Nets do get a first round pick courtesy of the Raptors trade to land DeMarre Carroll. This translates into Sean Marks selecting 29th in the first round. In addition the Brooklyn Nets have two second round picks. The first comes via the Lakers at 4oth and the 45th pick via the Bucks. 

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With that let’s begin the final segment of the three part roundtable draft segment.

In a deep draft the Brooklyn Nets have three picks. Do you consider packaging one, two or all three, either with a player or players to move up in the draft or to grab talent? 

Nick Agar Johnson: 

There are certainly some intriguing options in this draft that might be worth trading some picks. The Nets have two second-round picks in this draft in addition to the Toronto first-round pick at 29th overall, but the Nets need another star player badly. D’Angelo Russell definitely has All-Star upside, but I’m not sure I see him as an All-NBA type of talent. Jarrett Allen might be an All-NBA player some day, but he’s also not really an offensive focal point. The Nets will need a third option even if Russell and Allen manage to maximize their potential, and that kind of star player is hard to find at the bottom of the first round.

The Nets will probably not be able to move up into the Top 10 with their current pool of assets, but I would be willing to trade the Toronto pick and the Lakers pick (#29 and #40) to move up into the 15-20 range. There are some players who will fall in that part of the draft who I think could be great fits for the Nets–if Miles Bridges falls out of the lottery, I think the Nets should do everything they can to get him.

If the Brooklyn Nets cannot trade up to secure a pick in the middle of the first round (the 15-20 range), they should sit on their assets and take as many swings as possible in the second round with paying cash for draft picks. There will be some quality players in the 20-40 range of this draft, and there won’t be much of a difference in the quality of player from #20 to #40. With that in mind, the Brooklyn Nets shouldn’t look to move up in the draft if they can’t get higher than around #20.

Noah Schulte:

Although this is a deep draft, the Brooklyn Nets still don’t have a lottery pick or a pick of exceptionally high-value so whatever they can manage to net in a trade likely won’t be worth whoever they get in the draft. This year we saw an abnormal number of teams tanking for draft positioning inside of the top ten so even if those teams were willing to give up a draft pick, the Nets would probably need to send away an uncomfortably big package away just to get a decent draft pick.