Brooklyn Nets Roundtable Sessions: 2018 Draft, Part 3

Session 3, 2018 Draft Segment, Part 3 

Completing the Brook-Lin roundtable series on the draft the team dives into specifics. In this final segment of the draft roundtable we look at who Sean Marks should consider moving and/or packaging to land a lottery pick.

With the Cavaliers selecting eighth it fulfills the final obligation of the nightmare trade with the Celtics five seasons ago. Thus the handcuffs are finally off. 

As for the home team the Brooklyn Nets do get a first round pick courtesy of the Raptors trade to land DeMarre Carroll. This translates into Sean Marks selecting 29th in the first round. In addition the Brooklyn Nets have two second round picks. The first comes via the Lakers at 4oth and the 45th pick via the Bucks.