Brooklyn Nets Roundtable Sessions: 2018 Draft, Part 2

Session 3, 2018 Draft Segment, Part 2

The Brook-Lin writing team are actively watching the playoffs keeping our sights on which free agents perform well and putting on our thinking caps for what this summer will bring for the Brooklyn Nets. As the team gears up for the offseason we conducted a series of roundtable sessions reflecting back on the 2017-18 season and forward to next season. 

In this third segment the team looks at the 2018 Draft. The Draft Lottery took place with the Cavaliers landing in the eighth spot. This is important to mention as the pick comes courtesy of the Boston Celtics (via Brooklyn). Fortunately this finally fulfills the Brooklyn Nets obligation from that infamous trade with the Celtics five years ago. 

As for the home team the Brooklyn Nets do get a first round pick courtesy of the Raptors trade to land DeMarre Carroll. This translates into Sean Marks selecting 29th in the first round. In addition the Brooklyn Nets have two second round picks. The first comes via the Lakers at 4oth and the 45th pick via the Bucks. 

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With that let’s begin part two of the three part roundtable draft segment. 

Should Marks consider sending out assets to package and get draft picks back in return?

Nick Agar Johnson: 

Absolutely. Trading players away in return for draft picks serves two purposes: bringing in future talent and making the team worse for next year. Now that the Nets have their own pick back, they should be more willing than ever to trade veterans for future assets. The Nets should absolutely not ship out young talent (say Jarrett Allen or Caris LeVert), but if they can get good value for a veteran on Draft Day they should be happy to make that move.  

Noah Schulte:

Depending on the potential packages, yes. The Nets should be looking to package some of their reclamation projects (i.e. Spencer Dinwiddie and DeMarre Carroll) for assets while their value is at an all-time high. This is still an exceptionally young team in the early stages of a rebuild so any player(s) who don’t fit the timeline should be moved immediately. Even if they don’t net a great draft pick, getting assets back for the fruits of their labor should serve as a major victory for the new regime.

Francis Adu: 

With almost all Nets’ contracts running out within the next two seasons, it would be wise to dangle some of the players for picks.

Tamberlyn Richardson:

Since the Brooklyn Nets have a glut of guards the answer is a resounding yes. This summer finally fulfills the obligation of ‘that era’ which witnessed the Celtics reap the rewards of Nets draft picks. It’s somewhat unfortunate the Sixers were able to capitalize on tanking while the Nets won’t have the same opportunity. Still, now that the Brooklyn Nets have their own pick it’s an opportunity to add value.

The ideal scenario would be for Sean Marks to find a buyer for some of the albatross salaries like Timofey Mozgov. But, just being able to add assets and dump salary has to be enticing for the GM. 

Lawrence George: 

The Brooklyn Nets need youthful assets, so no to packaging the picks, but yes to trying to move assets to gain further picks. With a focus to owning the fact the Nets will be a lottery team in the coming years while developing their existing assets.