Brooklyn Nets The Roundtable Sessions: 2017-18 Campaign, Part 2

Session 1, Brooklyn Nets 2017-18 Campaign, Part II: 

Continuing on with the Brook-Lin Roundtable Sessions, this segment finishes up part II of the 2017-18 Campaign specific questions. Specifically, the scribes dive into their favorite game, play and performance. In addition our scribes opine on which franchise template or team they would like to see the Brooklyn Nets emulate moving forward.  

What was your favorite game this season?  

Francis Adu 

The Mexico City victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder proved satisfying in multiple ways. First, comeback wins are always more satisfying even if the comeback began rather early. Second, Caris LeVert had perhaps the best game of his career and provided some fan relief after a rough beginning to the season. Finally, the Mexico City audience and arena provided a fun alternative atmosphere and aesthetic to the usual NBA games. 

Nick Agar-Johnson

Oddly enough, probably the April 7th game against the Chicago Bulls. The team set the franchise record for three-point makes and had a chance at the NBA record for most of the 4th quarter. Even though the Nets were beating up a team that had nothing left to play for, it was still fun to watch them control the game from start to finish. That game was also as close to the perfect execution of Kenny Atkinson’s offense that I can remember seeing, and bodes well for the future.

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Zach Cronin

Back in October, Brooklyn toppled the Cleveland Cavaliers 112-107, and Spencer Dinwiddie had his coming out party. Cleveland had gotten off to a rocky start, but they still had LeBron James and could turn it on at any moment. Both teams traded punches before the Nets piled it on in the third quarter. Late in the fourth, after the Cavaliers began to storm back, Dinwiddie nailed a couple of clutch triples to secure the victory.

Noah Schulte

The April 7th game vs Chicago. I know this game came against a team trying to lose at the end of the year and there were more quality wins this year, but let’s be honest, this game was easily the most fun. Not only did the Nets hit 24 (!!!) three-pointers this game, but they also held a sorry Bulls team to under 100 points. Context is key here, but let’s completely ignore that and instead remember that the Nets beat a team by 28 points.

Tamberlyn Richardson:

In a little bit of a cheat I’m going to pick the stretch of seven games between March 28 and April 9. The Brooklyn Nets won five of those contests and picked up their only three game win streak of the season. Recognizing the absolute heat check perimeter shooting over the Bulls makes it an easy game to isolate. But, I was more impressed with the overtime victory over the tough and gritty Miami Heat and victory over the Bucks. At the time, both squads were battling for playoff position, so the Nets victories were even more impressive. Furthermore, the Brooklyn Nets won those matches via different methods. Verus the Heat it was arguably the best reserve performance of the season. While the defeat of the Bucks marked perhaps the most complete team win of the year. 

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