Brooklyn Nets Lumbering Giant Tyler Zeller Still Growing

After a 2016-2017 campaign that saw Tyler Zeller produce the worst numbers of his career, the former Tar Heel is experiencing a mini-resurgence in Brooklyn, and has given the team some new wrinkles offensively. His impact on the team may be subtle, but his pseudo-revival has been anything but.

2016-2017 Stats: 3.5 points per game 2.4, rebounds per game. 8 assists per game slashing 49.4% field goal percentage, 56.4% free throw percentage

2017-2018 Stats: 7.5 points per game, 4.7 rebounds per game, 0.7 assists per game, 54.5% field goal percentage, 37.5%,  3-point percentage, 67.9% free throw percentage

Improved Offensive Acumen

Although not originally known for his skill offensively, Tyler Zeller has developed into a key piece on that side of the ball. Like many before him, Zeller has been able to flash new dimensions of his game with an expanded role within the Nets’ system.

Shooting Star

Throughout the first half of the season, Tyler Zeller has not only hit mid-range jumpers with near career-high accuracy, but has even expanded his range to the three-point arc where he’s draining 37.5 percent of his attempts (albeit on .6 attempts per game).  Zeller’s goal should be to maintain this efficiency into the second half as this new weapon is adding versatility and benefits to his overall offense.