Brooklyn Nets Free Agency, Like Rebuild, Hinges On Patience

Free agency has been in full swing, but seemingly, not for the Brooklyn Nets. At least, it appears that way on the surface.

Tuesday marks America’s national holiday that’s highlighted by celebration, fireworks and the sweet smell of barbecued meat. In NBA terms, it’s also been three days since the clock started ticking on free agency. But, while the league is abuzz with storylines such as the diminishing competitiveness of the Eastern Conference, the Nets have failed to strike a deal with a single player. The silence surrounding the Nets could be deciphered in both positive and negative ways, and with the Spurs-like foothold instilled in Brooklyn’s front office, it’s unclear which it’s leaning more toward. Still, maybe you’ll feel better after I try to dissect and make an educated guess about what’s running through Nets General Manager Sean Marks’ mind.