Brooklyn Nets NBA Draft 2017 – Draft Guide – 7 Guards to Watch

A fifth year senior, White is still a bit of an unknown. He performed well at the Portsmouth Invitational, but questions still arise. While White did impress at Colorado, he was a hit-or-miss defender, more of a smooth athlete rather than an explosive one. That could project him as more of a shooting guard than a point. White also has a tendency to dial back on both ends a bit.

Derrick White is an intriguing prospect. His harrowing rise from DII afterthought to NBA first round selection fits the Nets’ emphasis on culture and blue-collar effort. The Brooklyn Nets have White on their radar, bringing him in for a draft workout. He could play a role as a solid secondary ballhandler, almost like Spencer Dinwiddie, another Colorado product. Unlike other older prospects, White may not be a finished product. He could be another calculated Nets risk.

Jawun Evans

Jawun Evans Brooklyn Nets NBA Draft 2017

Jawun Evans NBA Draft Profile, by Charles Maniego

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