Brooklyn Nets NBA Draft 2017 – Draft Guide – 7 Guards to Watch

Jackson may struggle with a lack of versatility. He could be pinned to the shooting guard spot, not tall enough to slide to forward and not a strong enough playmaker to be a full-time point guard. That limits his upside greatly. Jackson also is inconsistent as a defender, looking great when locked in, but lackadaisical at other times. His game may depend on how he develops his defensive and playmaking skills. Jackson is also recovering from foot surgery, performed after he committed to the draft.

With the Brooklyn Nets, Jackson could be a super scoring sixth man. He’s one of the youngest players in the draft, still with lots of room to grow after limited minutes at Duke. If Kenny Atkinson can work his point guard magic and mold Jackson into a better playmaker, he could be deadly. But for now, he projects as just a flash scorer.

Tyler Dorsey

Tyler Dorsey Brooklyn Nets NBA Draft 2017

Tyler Dorsey NBA Draft Profile, by Charles Maniego

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Oregon’s Tyler Dorsey is a knockdown shooter. In his two seasons at Oregon, Dorsey showed DEEP range, scoring off of spot ups or off the dribble. The Greek citizen fits a reliable, consistent shooting role. He hade huge three-point shooting games, including 8-of-12 against Markelle Fultz’s Washington Huskies, 6-of-10 against Kansas in the NCAA Tournament, and a perfect 6-of-6 against Arizona’s athletic backcourt. Dorsey was a consistent scorer, also showing some semblance of an in-between game as well.

Despite Dorsey’s hot shooting, he’s slated as a mid-second round prospect. That could be due to his slight frame at 180 pounds and neutral wingspan – 6’5” for a 6’5” player. That hinders his defensive upside. He also wasn’t that great of a playmaker. Despite playing often on-ball, Dorsey wasn’t much of a passing threat – more of a pure scorer. Dorsey, much like Frank Jackson, could suffer from a lack of defensive versatility and underdeveloped playmaking.

Tyler Dorsey is a Brooklyn Nets draft sleeper. He fits the Nets’ shooting craving, and potentially could diversify his scoring as well. That shooting craving may be fulfilled, as the Nets brought him in for a workout. Dorsey’s standout skill could keep him in the league, possibly a solid reserve in the mold of Allen Crabbe. Along with his shooting, Dorsey still has a bit of upside on both ends of the floor.

P.J. Dozier 

P.J. Dozier Brooklyn Nets NBA Draft 2017

P.J. Dozier NBA Draft Profile, by Charles Maniego

P.J. Dozier may be the biggest wildcard of the bunch in this group of players. At South Carolina, Dozier was a point guard by name, in a system where no player averaged more than three assists. Dozier possesses an amazing physical profile, standing at 6’7” with a 6’11” wingspan – he’s a guard, mind you. That ridiculous length lends well to huge defensive versatility – a point guard that could potentially guard power forwards. Dozier’s length also helped him get his shot off over smaller opponents, and his athleticism leads to solid finishing at the rim. As a distributor, Dozier has solid fundamentals and is able to find the right player in transition or on the pick and roll.

However, Dozier has some key deficiencies in his game. He was a non-factor as a shooter, shooting 40% overall and 30% from deep. His spot-up jumper is a slingshot that really lacks touch. Many of his misses were ugly. As a point guard, Dozier left a lot of room for improvement, often committing careless turnovers with the ball in his hands, or throwing the ball away on simple deliveries. Additionally, Dozier fouls quite a bit, often relying too much on his athletic gifts, rather than IQ.

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