Brooklyn Nets Continual Pursuit of Draft Picks

Brooklyn Nets are no strangers to the trade deadline or blockbuster trades. However, this is a new era in Brooklyn with Sean Marks in charge of player movement. 

Bereft of All-Stars to trade this season Marks approaches the deadline looking to retain talent and gain draft picks unlike the past regime. Still, the Nets do have a blossoming player teams will undoubtedly be giving a hard look.

The Brooklyn Nets are tired of being the butt of the NBA’s jokes. The Nets were like the punchline the crowd would predict before the comic gets to the climax of his/her bit. “They don’t have draft picks after giving up their future for players past their prime”. “Seeing the Nets’ draft picks in the hands of another front office is like seeing your ex-wife’s newfound boyfriend fathering your children”. Admittedly dark, but it gets the point across. It’s getting old, we get it, the Nets front office gets it. Nets’ general manager Sean Marks certainly understands the dire situation he signed up for. 

Marks made some outstanding moves with next to no leverage on his side of the table. Marks’ sharp basketball mind allowed the Nets to change the narrative of the past regime’s careless approach to future assets. Ever since the new GM’s arrival to Brooklyn, it was clear he wouldn’t make the same mistakes.

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Marks leaving ‘his mark’:

Sean Marks traded for the rights to Caris LeVert , flipped Bojan Bogdanovic for a first round draft pick (which converted to Jarrett Allen), acquired two draft picks (a first and second) for taking on DeMarre Carroll’s contract. Sure seems to be working out in the Net’s favor. And, most recently, the Brooklyn Nets traded for D’Angelo Russell and Mosgov’s chunky contract. These are the moves the Nets needed to make to rebuild. Don’t be surprised if the front office makes another move for a draft pick at the deadline. 

Kenny Atkinson is known for inspiring his teams to play hard and valuing “character” locker room guys; Spencer Dinwiddie seems to fit the description. Dinwiddie is having a feel-good season, notably for a player who was an afterthought on the Detroit Pistons.  Dinwiddie’s stock is high, perhaps enough to warrant a first round pick in return. His contract is an extremely team-friendly two-year, $3,180,397 deal. The Nets striking while the iron’s hot is a sensible move.

Here are some trade proposals potentially keeping the pursuit of draft picks in motion:

Spencer Dinwiddie to Washington Wizards for 2018 lottery protected first-round pick and Mike Scott

 Where there’s smoke there’s fire. The Wizards are an interesting bunch. The Wizards seem to have internal disruption the past couple seasons. Bradley Beal said, “everybody eats” without John Wall in the lineup. The John Wall-less Wizards posted 97 assists in the first three games without Wall.  

Beal recently backtracked that statement. Even so, this isn’t the first “misunderstanding” we’ve seen from this Wizards squad.   

This by no means infers the Wizards should trade John Wall. However, preparing for the worst outcome would be the best plan to protect the organization from self-destruction. Trading for Dinwiddie also helps the Wizards under the win-now philosophy.