Brooklyn Nets at Toronto Raptors: Notes and Observations, 3-23-18

Brooklyn Nets at Toronto Raptors 3-23-18 Score

Brooklyn Nets at Toronto Raptors 3-23-18 Score

Like a train chugging along about to come into the depot the Brooklyn Nets kept waiting for the real Toronto Raptors to show up. The inevitability of that occurring was palpable. Although the Nets took it to the Raptors and for much of the night were the better team ultimately it comes down to a simple adage – winning teams find a way to win. 

While the writing team generally uses this space to break down the game (don’t worry – the highlights/key producer is below). Instead the majority of my focus in this piece addresses the surprising similarities between the Raptors and Nets. Moreover, it offers optimism for just how close the Nets may be to returning to the upper echelon. 

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Respect for Nets in Toronto: 

Unlike teams who tend to play down to their competition (and, yes occasionally the Raptors do that), this contest did not fall under that category. Despite sweeping the Nets in each of the past three seasons Toronto opined post game on how impressive the Nets have been.