Brooklyn Nets 2017 NBA Draft Guide – 8 Deep Draft Guards

Alright. These next few players all have lots in common. They all project as combo guards, possessing long wingspans and tremendous athleticism. We’ll lead off with Edmond Sumner. Sumner possesses solid length and athleticism, and his skillset was on full display in his two year’s at Xavier. His length and athleticism alone may have Sumner still on draft boards despite a so-so two years at Xavier. Sumner was creative as a ballhandler, and explosive slashing to the rim.

Unfortunately, Sumner tore his ACL in January, and could be on the shelf until well into the 2017-2018 season. He also has a bit of a history with knee injuries, and his skinny frame may not be able to handle NBA contact. Sumner, like many tall combo guards, lacks true perimeter shooting ability. His turnover rate wasn’t inspiring either, lacking especially in decision making on the move. He’s a solid player in a vacuum, but he will need several years and lots of hands-on training to fully develop. With the Brooklyn Nets, Sumner would have time to recover. The Nets have shown a commitment to helping injured players recover, and taking a chance at Sumner may reap benefits for the team in the future.