Atkinson: Jarrett Allen Offers Speed, Skill, Versatility & Is A ‘Perfect System Fit’

In Allen’s introductory press conference, Atkinson spoke about this topic:

“Obviously, we have a heck of a performance team here in place thats going to help him get stronger. He will be able to do it in all facets. We are thinking he can go down into the post too. He’s very skilled, very skilled on the baseline and behind the basket. It was just the perfect system fit.”

“Perfect system fit” is a very interesting term for Atkinson to use in regards to Allen, because it shows the Nets truly did their homework to find someone they can mold into something great. It’s true he is incredibly skilled, but he isn’t a three-point shooter, and he is far from being reliable as a passer at the moment. Those are the two things Atkinson and his development team have been famous for fixing.