Atkinson: Jarrett Allen Offers Speed, Skill, Versatility & Is A ‘Perfect System Fit’

To say Kenny Atkinson and Sean Marks are pleased with how the draft went would be an understatement. After trading away one of their first round picks in the move for D’Angelo Russell, Brooklyn had to make the most out of their one pick. Thankfully, the player they ended up coveting the most fell to them at 22 in Jarrett Allen.

Allen, a talented freshman out of the University of Texas, was originally thought to be out of reach for Brooklyn as he was slotted to be picked anywhere from 10 to 20. Luck would have it that some players went much higher than projected, as Brooklyn was prepared to trade up in order to get the 19-year-old Texan. But who is Jarrett Allen? Why are Marks and Atkinson so high on him?