Brooklyn Gets Apple of Its Eye: Allen Crabbe Is Finally A Net

Well, the first place to start with Crabbe’s role as a Net is he can light up the Barclays baskets from downtown. The 25-year-old 6’6” wing finished 2nd out of all qualified players in the NBA in three-point percentage last season with a pyromaniacal 44.4% from beyond the arc. While this mark has a great likelihood of finishing as his career high, Crabbe has a career 41.1% three-point shooting percentage to give an assurance he belongs among the elite shooters in the league.

Crabbe also can expand his shooting prowess into the midrange area and has even shown consistency making pull-ups from that range, unlike his threes that are confined to catch & shoot jump shots. If there is a specific goal on offense coach Atkinson and the rest of the coaching staff will want from Crabbe, it probably will be to expand the dynamics of Crabbe’s shooting ability.

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