Allen Crabbe Mid-Season Report Card

It’s crucial that all NBA players, shooters especially, find ways to impact the game when they aren’t scoring. Crabbe’s made a conscious effort on defense and the backboards. He’s hauling in 4.3 rebounds a night, up from 2.9 last season. Additionally, his defensive box plus/minus — a per 100 possession metric that tallies how many points a player contributes on that end and compares it to an average player — is minus-0.4. That’s slightly below the league average of 0.0. Last year, he was much worse at minus-1.3.

The Grade:

Allen Crabbe has had an inconsistent start to his tenure in Brooklyn, but things could be much worse. His three-ball isn’t as accurate, but he’s a respectable shooter more times than not. On top of that, he’s displayed effort to improve in problem areas. However, until his ability to create shots improves, both himself and the team are going to suffer.

Then again, he needs just as help from his teammates. At this juncture, we’re looking at someone who’s somewhere around a C- minus on his mid-season report card.

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